Does Botox Hurt? Here’s What It Actually Feels Like

We always hear “beauty is pain,” right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. 

Many people, especially women, worry if botox will hurt. They often wait weeks, months, or even years before doing botox because they’re worried that the needles will hurt. And, because of this, they’re stuck in a situation where they don’t like the way they look.

So, here’s what you need to know before we get started:

First, when it comes to needles, there will always be some sort of “sensation.” Even the flu shot can give you a pinch.

Second, botox is not that bad. Some people experience ZERO pain during their botox injections.

This guide will share more about the pain of botox and what you can expect. 

What Does Botox Do To You?

what does botox do to you

Botox works by being injected into the muscles, of the desired location, and essentially blocks the nerve impulses located in those tissues. 

This causes the muscle underneath it not to contract, thus giving the skin a smoother appearance.

The injections don’t travel far outside the area that they are injected into and you should see the effects within a few days. 

How big are the needles?

SMALL. This is one reason that the discomfort is so minimal since the needles are some of the smallest sizes that you will find. 

There may be a little bump right where the needle was inserted into your skin, but it will spread into place quickly and should look almost normal by the time that you are ready to walk out of the office. 

What does botox feel like as it’s happening?

Patients claim that it “barely hurts” and many find that the results are well worth any discomfort, even the point of getting it done repeatedly. 

When the injection is taking place, you will feel a slight stinging at the injection site. This can be reduced by the use of a topical cream or ice pack. 

As it is happening, don’t think that the wrinkles will magically pop out and flatten. 

The Botox will affect the nerves in the targeted area over the next few days, up to a few weeks, so don’t be discouraged if you run out of your appointment into the nearest bathroom hoping to see your 18-year-old face looking back at you.

Give it time. 

Right after the injections are finished and the bumps have flattened, you should look the same as when you came into the office, save a little reddening at the spots of injection. 

Don’t trust what we have to say. Trust what real people are saying about their botox experiences. Many people out there trust Reddit. So, here’s what Reddit has to say 🙂

Does botox hurt afterward?

No, it shouldn’t, especially if a topical cream was used. If it does hurt you may be experiencing one of the rare side effects, so let your doctor know what you are feeling. For the vast majority, however, that won’t be an issue.

How do you feel after?

There can be a little discomfort once the topical anesthetic wears off, but there should be no downtime afterward. 

This is the type of procedure that you can get on your lunch hour and head back to work.

The whole injection part of your appointment should take only 10-15 minutes. 

Are there any side effects you need to worry about?

As with any procedure, there can be side effects. If you are smart about making sure that an experienced professional is administering your injection and you make sure to follow their instructions, the chance of having an issue in minimal. 

Make sure to alert your practitioner to any health issues that you have before the procedure and be honest if they ask you about any medications that you are on.

Side Effect #1: Allergic Reaction

If you are experiencing inflammation, redness, or bleeding at the injection site. Contact your doctor right away. 

Some people that get Botox more frequently can develop an allergy over time, so make sure to follow your doctor’s recommendation when it comes to frequency of appointments.  

Side Effect #2: Droopy Eyelids

If you choose to go with a practitioner that does not have a lot of experience with where the correct injections sites are, you can develop side effects like droopy eyelids. 

This is why it is important to avoid things like, “Botox parties,” hosted at a friend’s house and not in a medical setting. Even if they have hosted events like this before, they may not have the proper training to know what to do in a situation where something goes wrong. 

This side effect is avoidable by making sure that you are putting yourself in the hands of a trained professional. 

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