TruSculpt Flex Abdomen

Offered at our convenient location in Portland, Oregon

TruSculpt Flex is a revolutionary treatment where little adhesive patches are placed on the skin to emit low levels of energy to target the muscles, causing them to experience intense contractions and producing results that tower over those encountered from conventional exercise.

In a matter of minutes, the muscle groups targeted with TruSculpt Flex undergo the same muscle-building stress that occurs during multiple workouts. The muscle fibers in the abdomen get flexed and relaxed over and over, simulating an intense core workout. While the TruSculpt technology can target all muscle groups, no other place benefits from TruSculpt Flex quite like the abdomen. In the abdomen there are 4 main muscle groups:

  • The external obliques
  • The internal obliques
  • The transversus abdominis
  • The rectus abdominis

These 4 muscle groups need to be exercised equally to ensure defined, sculpted abs. But making sure all 4 are pronounced can prove very difficult through diet and exercise alone. Some workouts only service two while many only attack one of these muscle groups. At Bridgetown Aesthetics, we specialize in giving our clients the real results that can’t be achieved in a gym. The results you garner from TruSculpt Flex are produced by provoking  all 4 muscle groups universally. TrueSculpt Flex causes contractions in the muscles through low level energy. We like to say: let the results speak for themselves. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a consultation please call us at (503) 505-5288


With TruSculpting the abdomen, there are many wonderful benefits!

  • 1 session is equal to 25 days grinding away at the gym
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No downtime
  • Able to treat multiple areas at once
  • 30% increase in muscle production
  • Adjustable settings tailored to your physique
  • Patients report minimal to no discomfort 


An excellent candidate for TruSculpting Flex is an active individual who is tired of not achieving their aesthetic goals through exercise and diet alone. They are someone who is an overall healthy person who may not have enough time to commit to the routinely arduous sessions at a gym but would benefit from the quick and painless alternative that is TruSculpt Flex. This treatment should not be seen as a fat-loss solution as this treatment does not minimize fat loss; it only promotes muscle growth. If you are someone who thinks they may greatly benefit from the joys of TruSculpting Flex, please feel free to contact us and schedule a consultation today!

Personal Consultation

At your private consultation, we will go over your medical and surgical history as well as any prescriptions you may be taking at the moment. Then, we will aim to get a comprehensive outline of what your personal aesthetic goals are. Whether it be a more defined abdomen region, a toner, flatter belly, or just a more attractive stomach, we will note all of your desired results and contrive an action plan to meet your specific goals. This plan will be tailored to you and will most likely consist of 4 treatments in a 2 week span of time that can target up to 8 muscle groups at once!

Prep Mode

The first mode is the prep mode. This is where the low energy in the patches massage and twist at your muscles simulating contractions like in stretching. This helps to prime the muscles so that the body is fit and ready to handle the next two modes.  

Tone Mode

The tone mode is where the muscles are continuously contracted, held in place, and then relaxed to simulate endurance training. This helps build stamina and strength in the muscle while readying the muscles for the final setting.

Sculpt Mode

In the third and final course, the sculpt mode emits fast, deep contractions that help construct new muscle fibers and works to better your metabolic rate. This is the mode that defines and shapes the muscles to become more prominent and noticeable. 

All three modes are completed during a 45 minute session. During the session, the low level energy will work to build, sculpt, and tone your abdomen. The levels will be monitored and adjusted so that no pain or discomfort may be experienced throughout the treatment while optimal results are secured.


After a session, your muscles will feel like you just got finished with a stellar core workout at the gym – minus all the major soreness that comes with a workout of this caliber. For clients who already possess a good physique, they have noticed results after just one session. For optimal results, 4-6 sessions are recommended. Because the levels were monitored and adjusted by our TruSculpt trained technicians, the levels during your session aren’t high enough to cause soreness or fatigue afterwards. It is expertly calibrated to work to the level that’s just right for you!


Our clients love TruSculpting because it gives them convenient, incredible results that are easy to maintain with a healthy, active lifestyle. Once the 4-6 sessions are completed, your results will become noticeable after 8-12 weeks. 


The cost of our services can vary from patient to patient. These can depend on the services elected to be used during your procedure, the patient’s body type and medical history, the number of sessions administered, and many more factors. Feel free to visit our specials page to learn more about what specials we offer at Bridgetown Aesthetics. 


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