Green Genesis

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Green Genesis Laser Therapy Portland, Oregon

Green Genesis is a laser therapy treatment that uses shorter wavelengths to effectively treat vascular conditions in the skin. Laser therapy is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that uses the thermal power of light energy.

Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is one of the most popular laser treatments that we offer patients at Bridgetown Aesthetics. Green Genesis uses the same technology, but a different laser application to target skin concerns that are closer to the surface of the skin. This makes Green Genesis an ideal treatment for patients who have unwanted pigment on the face and body. Specifically, Green Genesis is an effective solution for telangiectasia, or rosacea, and general redness. If you’ve been struggling with redness and are dreaming of a cool, even complexion, Green Genesis can help.

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How Does Green Genesis Laser Therapy Work?

The colors that we see are the result of the absorption or reflection of light waves. The frequency of the wavelength is shorter in light waves with higher energy, like ultraviolet light, and lower throughout the color spectrum, with red being the longest and lowest energy. Green light falls in the middle of the spectrum, and its wavelength frequency is what makes the Green Genesis laser just right for treating certain skin conditions. 

Green Genesis Laser Therapy Portland, Oregon

Lasers direct light energy into the skin, where it produces a thermal effect that damages and disrupts things like unwanted blood vessels, dark spots, scar tissue, or like in the case of laser hair removal, hair follicles. The longer the laser wavelength, the deeper the laser can penetrate. Green Genesis has a shorter wavelength than the lasers used in other laser therapy applications, which allows its higher energy to treat shallow skin conditions like spider veins. (1)

Laser energy causes darker pigmented tissue to heat up and be destroyed before lighter-colored tissue. It targets chromophores, the colored parts of a molecule like melanin in dark spots, and hemoglobin in blood. 

Green Genesis treats unwanted redness in skin by targeting the hemoglobin in blood and shutting down the blood vessels that create the flushed, ruddy effect that is seen with rosacea and spider veins.


Green Genesis can address both hemoglobin and melanin (reds and browns) at the same time. This is increasingly beneficial for hard-to-treat skin conditions that have both chromophores, like Poikiloderma of Civatte or blemishes from sun damage. (4) This innovative treatment is able to use a higher frequency wavelength with more power more gently than ever before.

It uses instantaneous pulses of high-frequency energy that allow the skin to cool between “zaps,” preventing thermal damage and injury to the surrounding skin. As a result, there’s no downtime and minimal discomfort for patients who have chosen a Green Genesis treatment. 

Candidates for Green Genesis in Portland

Green Genesis Laser Therapy Portland, Oregon

You may be a good candidate for Green Genesis if you have vascular issues brought on by sun damage, genetics, or certain skin conditions. Because Green Genesis is so gentle, it requires no downtime, making it a great choice for patients with busy schedules who can’t afford downtime.

Personal Consultation

One of our providers will review your medical history and examine your skin to determine the best treatment for your skin. You deserve the best results, and your consultation appointment is your chance to learn more about the other services we offer so that you understand all of your options.


It’s important to make sure that your skin is in good shape prior to your laser therapy session. Depending on your medical history, you may need to schedule your appointment several weeks in advance to take the proper precautions. 


Patients often describe the treatment as relaxing and therapeutic with a sensation of warmth. 

Genesis is such a fast and gentle process, there’s no recovery, although some patients report mid redness and sensitivity after their treatment. You can immediately return to normal activities after your treatment, but be sure to use sunscreen if you’ll be exposed to sunlight.


Patients may need more than one Green Genesis session to see the best results. And while there’s no cure for rosacea, by eliminating the small blood vessels that cause excessive redness, patients will notice less dramatic flushing during flare-ups.


Does Green Genesis hurt?

Green Genesis is one of the most gentle lasers on the market today. Patients describe the process as painless and relaxing. And, since each session is under 30 minutes, a Green genesis treatment won’t hurt your schedule either.

How do lasers work?

Lasers treat the skin by emitting focused light waves that target dark aspects of the skin, like sun spots, blood vessels, or hair. Carefully calibrated wavelengths penetrate the skin and their energy creates a thermal effect. Lower frequency wavelengths can penetrate the skin deeper, where they can stimulate the production of collagen for tighter, firmer skin with less wrinkling.


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