Is Botox Safe? It’s TOXIC, right?!

Toxic. That word has been thrown around rather loosely in the last 5-10 years.  Now, products like jarred baby foods are potentially toxic. Apple juice is toxic. Cosmetics are toxic. It seems like we can’t use a product or eat a food that hasn’t been on the hot seat for […]

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Bad Botox Reactions: Are They Possible?

Your concerns are completely normal and are to be expected from anyone who is considering an elective procedure or surgery. However, an adverse or allergic reaction to Botox is very rare. Only 36 cases involving adverse effects were reported to the FDA between 1989-2003.  Out of the 36 cases, doctors […]

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Is Botox Bad? A Review of the Long-term Effects of Botox

You’re the kind of person who reads ALL the Amazon reviews before making a purchase. When you go out to eat, you bet you’ve already checked out the menu online beforehand. You’re especially thorough when it comes to choices regarding your self-care.  With wrinkles becoming more apparent on your forehead, […]

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